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Petroleum Analyzers Company (PAC) L. P., USA :

• Automatic petroleum testing Instruments like
  Flash Points, cloud & pour point, CFPP, Freezing Point.
  Atmospheric Distillation,Vacuum Distillation,Viscosity.
  JFTOT- Mark III, Density Analyzer, Total Nitrogen & Sulfur.
  Other quality products & solutions as per various international standards such as         ASTM, DIN, IP, UOP.
ROFA Laboratory & Process Analyzers, Austria:
• Eurodist TBP Apparatus as per ASTM D2892
• Automatic potstill Unit
• Combined Unit TBP / Potsstill
• CFR Engine Accessories like On - line Comparator,
• CFR Automation System,Automatic Reference Fuel
• Blending Unit,Reference Products
P.M. Tamson Instruments, Netherlands:
• Immersion Circulators
• Heating Bath Circulators
• Refrigerated Bath Circulators down to -80oC
• Low Temp.Viscosity Bath
• Manual Viscosity Baths
• Semiautomatic Viscosity Bath
AIR Liquide (D.M.C.), France:
• Liquid Nitrogen Storage Containers
• Self Pressurized LN2 Vessels
• Wide Mouth Storage Containers With Inventory System
• Liquid Helium Containers
• Cryo Preservation Equipments
• Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Lines





































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